Map to the Stars by Jen Malone

Thoughts at a glance: ** (It was okay)

Annie has just moved to Los Angeles with her mother after her father royally messed up the family's finances, and rather than finding a respite from drama, she finds herself right in the middle of it when her mother lands a position as makeup artist to Graham Cabot, Hollywood's current "It" boy. Suddenly her life is filled with reporters, screaming fans, and paparazzi.

Things get better as well as worse when she and Graham find themselves falling for each other. It's hard enough when you're not sure if a regular boy likes you, but when he's a famous movie star, things get even more confusing. And then when a video of them kissing goes viral, life gets even more crazy...

This story has its moments of cuteness, and especially if you're imagining someone like Ansel Elgort as Graham, the fluffy romantic parts are even more fun.  (Oh Ansel... *swoon*) But what wasn't so fun was listening to Annie's back-and-forths in her head all the time. "Oh my god, we almost kissed! He's so beautiful!" "OH MY GOD, he's not even looking at me! He's such a jerk!" Etc, etc. I know, I know - she's seventeen, and being that age comes with a certain lack of perspective, but I just got really annoyed with her. GURL. He's a working actor, and that's not an easy job. EASE UP. Boys are confusing even when they don't come with bodyguards and publicists. I don't know if she was written that way on purpose? I'm going to give the author the benefit of the doubt and assume that that's not what she thinks all seventeen-year-old girls from small towns are like.

There are some cute, funny moments (thanks for introducing me to the word "asswaffle," by the way!), and the story is enjoyable if you're doing the whole reader-by-proxy thing where you pretend it's yourself in the story. It's not a remarkable read, but it was a fun diversion.

PS - This story pretty much reinforces my complete lack of desire to ever be famous. I'll take my private life of nobody-ness any day.