Blood, Ink, & Fire by Ashley Mansour

This book was provided to me for free through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thoughts at a glance: ** (It was okay)

Summary: Noelle lives in a world where the written word is obsolete - everyone is connected to a information network called Verity that is equally responsible for educating people as it is for monitoring them.

The night before she is to undergo the societally-mandated brainwashing ritual, there is a glitch in the system, and her family discovers what she's been hiding her whole life - she inexplicably has the ability to read. Now she's on the run from the government, with an underground group of rebels...

Thoughts: Okay, so, that's about as far as I got, since I didn't finish the book. The premise is amazing (Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorite books, remember?), but there was something about the execution of it that just didn't work out well for me - I was either confused and struggling to picture what was going on, or I just plain wasn't into it. It wasn't badly written - I just couldn't get a firm grip on the world and Noelle's story, and I just didn't feel compelled to continue. I might give it another go later on, but for now... I just wasn't that into it.