September 2016 Owlcrate - DARKNESS

Here we go, huh? I was super excited for this box!

This month's theme is "darkness," and the sneak peek we got in last month's box was that we'd receive something from Out of Print Clothing (which I love!) It wasn't hard to put two and two together when I saw that 1) one of the example books listed for "darkness" was Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (timely, with the movie coming out soon), and 2) OOP recently announced that they added a bunch of Miss Peregrine merch to their site, so I figured that we would specifically be getting one of those items:

We ended up receiving the zip pouch. I have one of these already (of Pride and Prejudice), and it's pretty awesome - large enough to fit my Kindle :) 

The rest of the box is equally fun too!

This is a fortune-telling bath bomb, which was chosen as a shout-out to the psychics in The Raven Cycle (which I haven't read, but is on my list). You ask it a question and then throw it in your bath. My daughter will totally love this.

The way to my heart ALWAYS is through Sarah J. Maas' books, and this is a candle from The Melting Library. Celaena Sardothien loves cake :) It's a tiny candle, and I have it displayed exactly as pictured on my SJM shelf, because that "Rattle the stars" quote is one of my favorites.

Another exclusive item from Evie Bookish, this is a Six of Crows bookmark. The sequel is coming out in two weeks!!!! I can't wait. 

A couple of extras thrown in, to promote some new books coming out. The little passport booklet is for PC Cast's new book, Moon Chosen, and includes some images to color. The other is the first "episode" of a post-apocalyptic serial called Remade, which I'm intrigued by.

The book of the month is:

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake! Literally the same day that my Owlcrate arrived, I was watching a book trailer for this book, thinking that I would love to pick this up and then telling myself that I should wait and see first what this month's Owlcrate book would be, since this book even has the word "dark" in the title. *pats self on back* It came with a letter from the author with a map printed on the back, and a pre-printed fortune teller, which is a total throwback to my elementary school days.

All in all, I love everything about this box. Owlcrate continues to choose amazing stuff. 

Next month's theme:

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