A Lizzie Bennet WEDDING??????


Before I get into the thick of it, let me explain, for the uninitiated. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a vlog-style Youtube-based modernization of Pride and Prejudice, and it was amazing and won an EMMY, and I LOVE IT, and... and... JUST WATCH IT OKAY. If you love Pride and Prejudice, you just HAVE to watch it.

Even though it's been over for years now, I have still been holding out hope that someday the creators will give us SOMETHING, some sort of scraps of our generation's version of one of the greatest literary couples of all time, Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

Well.... *deep breaths*... that someday was TODAY.

Disclaimer: I'm going to launch into my discussion of this without any other background info/explanations, so if you're like "Who???" then I'm sorry. :)

Ashley Clements posted the above on her Instagram today. And at first, I was like, "Oh, okay, cool," and even though I saw a lot of LBD castmembers in the photo, I didn't think much of it because they've worked together on multiple projects since LBD ended. (And, especially since a couple of those non-LBD castmembers in the photo have worked with them too, like Sinead Persaud and Brendan Bradley.)

And then I zoomed in on the title page (which you can do on the Instagram app) and my heart started pounding.



I mean, it MUST be real, because usually when I envision these scenarios in my head, I don't generally go as far as to include other fans losing their s*** too, so... OMG THIS IS FOR REAL.

"And in that moment, I swear we were Mrs. Bennet."



Okay, so now I have questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS. Too many questions to be contained in just my head, so that's why I'm blogging, and I'm hoping that y'all who are also LBD fans reading this might want to indulge me and share your thoughts as well.

NOTE: On the off-chance that Ashley or any of the other castmembers comes across this post, I just want to say that I'm posing all these questions as a think-aloud, and I IN NO WAY expect you to explain anything to me. You do not owe me any explanations, and I would never demand that of you. I'm sure many of these questions will be answered if/when I get to see the finished product - I'm just mulling things over in VERY EXCITED anticipation.

Wait - ONE question you could answer for me: (When you are ready for it) WHERE CAN I SEND MY MONEY? :) Oh my god, what if your Kickstarter were wedding-themed? I'M IN FOR LEVEL SALMON PLATE!!!

Okay, now. Thoughts:

  • What format will this take? (Mostly I'm worried that if it ends being performed on stage or something, then I won't get to see it, because I know all the castmembers are LA-based.) I wonder if it will be like LBD, where the camera is fixed in one location and people pop in and out, and Lizzie tells us everything in a series of vlogs. Or will it be Lizzie (or even other characters, like Lydia, or even the wedding videographer) running around with the camera, so we get different settings and there's a little more "show" to go with the "tell"?
  • Is it just ONE episode? Or a whole bunch? Or one mega-long one? Will it cover just the wedding day, or a bunch of days leading up to it? (I remember that the cast/crew would film a bunch of episodes at once, so it's not like they got together every day/every week to work on the show.)
  • Will any of the original LBD crew be involved? Like, the transmedia crew (WILL WE GET TWEETS?) or Katie Moest or Rachel Kiley or Bernie Su or or or? 
  • I can see that there are missing OG cast members, and while I can understand why logistically we couldn't get the whole band back together, I am curious how their absences will be explained. I mean, I can get why it would make sense for Ricky Collins not to be at Lizzie and Darcy's wedding, but Gigi, Fitz, and Bing would be there, and maybe even Mary. I mean, I'm sure character-wise, they'll "be there," but just not on camera? 
  • And then there are new faces, notably Sinead Persaud, Brendan A. Bradley, and WIL EFFING WHEATON (who I know is also a friend of Ashley's and a major LBD fan himself). Who are they going to be in our little universe? (You know, if Bing weren't supposed to be Asian, I could totally picture BB in that role. But I am very in favor of keeping Asian characters Asian, so...) Will there be new characters who came into Lizzie's life through her new company (like a PA, maybe?) that we will get to meet? 
  • Will Caroline be married, after all the stuff that happened in Emma Approved? (In Pemberley Digital's adaptation of Emma, they gave us a Caroline Lee reprise instead of an Augusta Elton.) I can totes picture her sticking her nose in and giving Lizzie wedding advice because now she's the more experienced married woman.
  • Speaking of Emma Approved........ I'm going to steal someone's comment/tweet I saw and say, Hmmmmmmmmm, if only there were an excellent event planner dedicated to lifestyle excellence that Lizzie and Darcy could call upon to plan their wedding... 
  • Also speaking of post-LBD series stuff, will any of the events in the books (particularly Lydia's book) be acknowledged, or are we going video series only? Because (to avoid spoilers) Lydia doesn't end up where we think she'll end up by the end of her book. And, like, it's canon, right?
  • What will the DRAMA be??? (Pssst... Two words: PREGNANCY CLIFFHANGER. I don't even care who gets pregnant, I just want there to be an avenue for future episodes. Baby Darcy or Baby Lee or Baby Lu or I don't even care. Just give me MORE. *grin* I really am Mrs. Bennet.)
  • Will the Bennets and Darcys (Darcies?) converge on San Francisco? Will they go home to wherever home was originally? 
  • OMG please let there be a shot of THE DRESS. I bet Jane'll be in charge of it. I bet she'll be in charge of all the dresses and they will be faaaaaaabulous.
  • Daniel Vincent Gordh - If at any time you want to grace us with a picture of yourself in a tux, I will be in full support of that, good sir!
  • ... That said, can we please get Darcy in a white shirt and then Lydia can push him in the pool or something? PLEASE? I'll shell out extra on the Kickstarter.
Okay. That's all I've got for now. I really, really hope that this gets made. If I knew of any way I could personally help this along, I would offer in an instant. Just know, cast and crew members (if you're still reading this), you've got a WHOLE BUNCH of us rooting for you and loving you and supporting you, and we cannot WAIT to see what happens next!!!!


  1. WHERE DO I THROW THE MONEY?!?!?! πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’°πŸ’΅

  2. Seriously. Like, tell me what I can do. You need me to hand-letter a thousand wedding namecards as a Kickstarter perk? I'LL DO IT.


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