Library HAUL

So, one thing I haven't had a chance to do yet since moving is to check out the libraries here. (Libraries, plural! I now live in a two-library town!!) This is the first weekend of the spring library sale, so I figured it would be a good time to stop in, get a card, and browse the sale selection.

It's been a while since I've attended any library sale at all, and the last time I went to one, it was nice, but I didn't find much there to interest me, and in general, there just wasn't much - it was a stretch for me to fill up my $5 bag.

However, that was definitely not the case today. (Also, the books were individually priced, not priced by the bag.) I found sooooo much stuff, and I didn't even get everything that I wanted, so I might have to head back again this week. Now, normally I hate posts about hauls; as a makeup enthusiast, I'm no stranger to haul videos, and I never like watching them because I feel weird about seeing other people show off what they bought, especially since I know I can't afford all that myself (nor do I get anything for free).

BUT... my purpose for sharing my book haul with you today is to say, If your local library does "Friends of" sales too, you should check it out if you can! You might find some awesome treasures, and your dollars support your library! (And yes, some of these were only a dollar!) Everyone wins!

Onto the haul!
Fiction (general and YA):

Pretty excited about every one of these - they are all authors or titles that I've either read before or heard of. I know that Valiant and Lirael are both the second books of their series, and no, I don't have the first books (well, I have Sabriel on Kindle), so I do need to buy the first books, but overall, I'm excited about all of these.


The three running books have been on my TBR list for a while, but you were never high-enough on the priority list to warrant a purchase. However, this time the price was right :) And I am super excited about the Stitch 'n Bitch book because I lent my copy out to someone YEARS ago, and I neither got it back nor replaced it.

Kids' books:

And of course, not to leave my daughter out, I got her some books as well. I think I'm more excited about those American Girl books than she is - I had these when I was a kid, so I hope she likes them as much as I did. (Of course, maybe I'll read them now and decide that they didn't age well at all, but... oh well.)

The grand total for ALL of these was just under 40 bucks!!! I am very happy to support my local library :)