P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

Thoughts at a glance: *** (I liked it)

Summary: Lily Abbott couldn't care less about chemistry class, and tends to spend that time brainstorming lyrics to songs that she'll never finish. But one day after she scribbles some lyrics to an obscure song she loves on her desk, she is surprised to find a response from a fellow student who sits in her same desk.

Lily and the mystery guy end up becoming chem class pen pals, sharing not just band recommendations but also deeply personal thoughts. Through him, Lily finds inspiration for a song for an upcoming contest and also possibly... love? But she has no idea who he is.

In the meantime, her best friend's ex (and overall popular jerk), Cade, keeps showing up in her life, unexpectedly and unwelcome. Lily can't stand the sight of him and verbally spars with him every chance she gets, but the more she gets to know him, the more there seems to be below the surface.

At any rate, she's got a song she needs to write, a house full of crazy family that she needs to balance, and a mystery letter writer that she needs to find...

Thoughts: I went into this not really expecting much of it. In fact, I even flipped to the end to see who the mystery guy was because I wasn't even sure if I really wanted to read it (but I wanted to know who it was).

This book was pleasantly surprising, even with the mystery "spoiled" for me. (I actually was glad that I already knew, because I could watch things develop with the end in mind.) It's cute, and while it has annoying Mean Girl drama (I really can't stand reading stuff like that in books--it's bad enough in real life), it's overall a cute story with a fun take on a classic premise. I found myself not particularly interested in all the stuff about Lily's family, and I basically skimmed those sections until I got to the letter-writing parts. As someone who loves words and writing, I definitely would've fallen for a guy who wrote me letters like that.

Definitely fluffy and cute. You should read this if you're looking for a light read to occupy your time.