To All the Boys I've Loved Before, now on Netflix!

I am blasting this message on every platform I have--if you have Netflix and some spare time, please watch this wonderful, cute adaptation of Jenny Han's novel, To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

This is the sort of movie I wish I'd had when I was in high school and questioning my identity as an Asian-American teen. Every movie I could think of back then that had Asian people were about Asian-Asian people and/or martial arts or whatever, and I never saw just a regular American teenager who looked like me as the main character in a movie. (Sure, there were sidekicks and minor characters. That's how it always is.)

While I haven't read the book myself, I can't speak to how well it worked as an adaptation, but on its own, it was cute, funny, and fun. I do know that the protagonist, Lara Jean, and her family were made to be half-Korean, half-white (John Corbett plays their father), whereas I think the book had them as full Asian? And while I DO have thoughts about Hollywood doing that, I still think that the movie was great, and their Korean heritage is neither a plot device nor completely ignored.

If you're in the mood for a fluffy romcom, PLEASE watch this one. Please give it a positive rating if you are feeling positively about it, so that Netflix knows that we want more content like this. I know that this is the same weekend as the release of Crazy Rich Asians (another Asian-led book-to-movie romcom, which I also plan to see!), so it might not be getting the same attention, but seriously, we need Hollywood to know that we need more. Let's open doors for more stories to be told!